The Island of Bali is known for its variety of landscapes including volcanic scenery, beaches, jungle and rice fields as well as its history of religion, culture and tradition. So why is it the right place to spend your NYE?

1. Diversity
Bali also named the Island of the Gods offers everything what travellers or holiday makers are looking for. The island itself caters for all kind of travellers; if you are interested in a family vacation, explore the culture and undertake adventure trips, sport activities or relax with yoga and spa or discover what the Island has to offer when it comes to day and night parties and events.


2. Relax at a Villa
Like every NYE you will need a lot of energy to survive this special night’s activities and last until the morning so to conserve it, stay at one of the luxurious villas offered by the Island. Relax and enjoy and marvel in the beautiful sceneries brought about by these villas be it near the beach, rice fields, or even placed in the Jungle.

Most of these villas feature sunrise or sunset views; have swimming pools as well for you to relax and enjoy either with your family or friends. If you want your holiday to be as well about quality time and you bring your loved ones to Bali over the new year, this is also the perfect way to spend the holidays with them.

3. Fireworks
Bali is famous for its fireworks. You can see daily fireworks at areas like Jimbaran or Seminyak catering for larger events, weddings or beach-side dinners. Then for NYE this turns up the spectacle and you will be able to witness fireworks across the whole Island supported by larger hotels, beach-clubs but as well organised and executed by the regional and local villages to celebrate.

4. Explore the not so normal Bali traditions!

One of them is to experience the most popular coffee that is made from animal poo. No joke; it is essentially made out of eaten and digested coffee beans and then labelled “Luwak Coffee”. Not only that but this coffee is among the most expensive ones worldwide. Watch out for “kopi luwak” signs across the island during your stay.

When travelling the Island note that each village you come by has its own “Temple of Death”; often located facing the sea at the lowest area of the village or town. This temple is considered the gateway to the underworld as is guarded by a number of gruesome looking statues resembling fearsome monsters dedicated to gods including Kali, Rangda or Shiva.

Have a look out for the “Balinese Ceremonies” in which sometimes the whole village gets together to celebrate and honour their god. As this is an amazing spectacle and you are in luck to be around feel free to watch but remember to act with respect and humbleness.

5. Celebrations all the Way
The Island has undergone a shift towards catering for a more diverse day and night life. There are a number of larger commercially organised venues and brands mainly in the south and south-west area of the Island featuring weekly DJ line ups and shows and entertainment. Scattered across these are a number of venues that established themselves of being more family oriented allowing children as well to join until a certain time of day.

Last but not least don’t forget to discover many locally operated beach bars all across the Island catering for all tastes and budgets offering unobstructed views paired with various cocktails and music by local resident DJs or International Artists alike.

For more information on parties and venues check out our event section.

No matter your choice of venue the majority of them in the areas located on the south-west and west of the Island will grant you to witness one of the magical Bali sunsets.

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