Bandung is one of the largest cities in Indonesia, located on the west java/java island.  The city has cooler year round temperatures than most other Indonesian cities as it is located on a river basin surrounded by volcanic mountains. Further being named as the Flower City for its lush mountainous backdrop and the gorgeous green panoramic in every corner of the roads. The colonial Dutch in the past called Bandung a Paris van Java (Paris in Java) and its now known as a growing businesses hub especially for the textile industry and its culinary variety.


Bandung is quiet convenient located from Jakarta, only takes several hours of driving by car; you can also take local transport like buses or train. Especially via train you will benefit from a magnificent view during your trip from Jakarta to Bandung and what can be a better start to your holiday than exploring the area meanwhile on the way to your final destination.


In and around Bandung you can find many cool Instagrammable hotspots. The city and its surroundings are a well-known place in Indonesia and to the travelers especially local Indonesians. There are many things to do in Bandung and it is not short of attractions to see, many travelers would say that Bandung is part of their best experiences in Indonesia.
Locals will recommend going there for shopping, cool hangouts and culinary experiences. There the food is cheap and delicious, the local specialties are cheap and you are offered a huge variety. It might therefore not come as a surprise to you that the city has evolved around the tourism industry

Our Top 10 Recommendations meanwhile visiting Bandung

Learn About Sundanese Tradition and Music at Saung Angklung Udjo

Saung Angklung Udjo is a cultural tourism destination and a complete education dedicated to the Sundanese instrument made from bamboo “angklung”. Every single angklung instrument generates one chord or note when shaken so a full orchestra is composed of lots of numerous angklung. This destination also sells tickets to their performances that are enjoyable, interactive and family friendly. This place is located in Jalan Padasuka No. 118, Cibenying Kidul, Bandung City

Visit Gedung Sate Bandung

Gedung Sate originally served as the headquarter of the Dutch Indies Government Companies. Today it functions as the West Java Governor Office and the Home Representatives Provincial House. Gedung Sate has a unique architecture, people can see the mix of Spanish Moorish, Italian renaissance and Balinese with Thailand elements fused into the building design. Gedung Sate has gorgeous views of Tangkuban Perahu mountain as well as Bandung City.

Sightseeing at Tangkuban Perahu Bandung

Tangkuban Perahu is a volcano located 30km north of the city of Bandung. It is a popular tourist attraction for tourists to hike or ride to the edge of the crater to view of the hot water springs and boiling mud up close. The location invites you to buy local eggs cooked the hot surface. This place is becoming one of children legendary favorite story book “Sangkuriang”.

Catch the Sunset at Skyline Best View Resto Dago

This restaurant and rooftop bar is located in Bukit Pakar Dago and a really comfortable spot to hangout with family or friends. The restaurant on the 4th floor serves local Indonesian and Western food. You can enjoy the sunset view covering the whole Bandung city from the above meanwhile sipping a cocktail or drinking your favorite tea.

Get lost at Pasar Baru Bandung

Are you a shopping lover? As you probably know Bandung is a known place offering a vast variety of different shopping places, malls and markets. If you are planning to come to Bandung to shop don’t miss to visit Pasar Baru Bandung, a market located in Jalan Otto Iskandardinata.
This place is unique and have lots of variant things to shop at really affordable prices ranging from textile to foods and souvenirs.

Shopping at Paris van Java

Paris van Java is the must visit shopping icon in Bandung. So, after we introduced Pasar Baru as one of traditional shopping centers in Bandung; don’t miss out to visit the famous PVJ.
This shopping mall features a European building concept and is located in Jalan Sukajadi.

Explore the magnifique spot “Kawah Putih”

After we have now discovered north and Bandung city let us take you to the south. Kawah Putih (white crater), a lake in a volcanic crater is located a bit further to the south from Bandung City in Ciwidey area. The color in the lake shows various colors as a result of oxygen levels ranging from white to blue.

Rancabali Tea Plantation

Meanwhile in the south we will now take you around to the most breathtaking view at the Rancabali Tea plantation located not far away from Kawah Putih. The rancabali tea plantation has a cooler climate and is located at an altitude of 162,8m above sea level.

At the top you are rewarded with views of the scenery of the plantations and the road making its way up the hill.

Visit Curug Cimahi

Curug Cimahi is a waterfall located on Jalan Colonel Matsuri, Kartawang Village, Cisarua District, West Bandung. With a height of about 87m this waterfall is rated as one of the highest waterfalls in Bandung and surrounding areas. This tourist destination is approximately 10km from the city of Cimahi in the direction of Lembang or 20km from Bandung city.

Gateaway to Dusun Bambu Lembang

Dusun Bambu is located not far away from Curug Cimahi. Duun Bambu is the definition of glamping and its hard to argue with that when you arrive to the looming presence of a large bamboo structure.

People come here from far away to indulge the peace and enjoy the nature.

So, if you love to explore the nature but also like to enjoy spending time “city style” meanwhile tasting the local culinary delights then COME and VISIT Bandung and enjoy it all!

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