The Raja Ampat Islands are one of the districts in West Papua Province, Indonesia. Their capital city is located in Waisai. The area consists of 610 islands including Misool Island, Salawati Island, Batanta Island and Waiego Island that are the largest of them. Of all the islands only 35 islands are inhabited, meanwhile the rest of the other islands are uninhabited and mostly are not named at all.

Becoming one of the new hot spots; Raja Ampat is starting to be well known both by domestic and foreign tourists following the charm of Indonesia’s tourist attractions. Further Raja Ampat’s undersea natural wealth, the waters in this tourist spot are known to be one of the best diving and snorkeling locations in the world.


The Nature Conservancy stated that around 75% of the world’s marine biota can be found in Raja Ampat waters inviting you to take your diving equipment and start exploring the Raja Ampat’s underwater world. Due to the weather and water conditions being ideal October and November are considered the best times for diving, snorkeling and any underwater exploration.


In addition to diving, you can also explore the beauty of the land and islands in Raja Ampat.

The local residents will be happy to offer various services including acting as your guide.

During trekking, you can also stop by people’s homes and approach them to buy handicrafts such as statues of the Asmat tribe and their traditional musical instruments as souvenirs.


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